These are the writing pieces I had to do for Writing Class.

Finding the Dog

It was a typical late fall afternoon. Liz and May were at the park. The two best friends spent most of their afternoons at the park playing together after school. But this afternoon turned out to be not so typical. It was the day two girls helped save a life.

This particular Wednesday, October 7th to be exact, the girls decided to bring their homework along with them. They sat at the picnic bench with the last rays of the warm October sun kissing the tops of their heads while they worked on math problems and the latest writing assignment.

They were just finishing their homework and had started to pack their backpacks when Liz stopped what she was doing and turned to Meg. “Why are you whining, Meg?” said Liz.
Meg looked bewildered at her friend and said, “Me? Whining? I thought that was you!”

Both girls stood as still as a stone. They listened hard. The sound repeated. Without moving a muscle, they both strained to hear where the noise was coming from. Suddenly the girls heard a faint whimpering. It was definitely coming from the plastic jungle gym.
“Go see what it is!” said Meg.
‘’You look!’’ said Liz.
‘’Why me? You're older!’’ Meg exclaimed.
‘’Only by seven minutes!’’ said Liz.

Now curiosity got the better of Liz. She said, “Alright, I’ll go first, but you better be right behind me!” Meg followed Liz, holding onto her shirt tail as both girls edged closer to the plastic jungle gym. Liz peaked her head underneath the jungle gym and was shocked to see a small brown blob of fur shaking in the corner of the plastic base.
‘’It’s a puppy!’’ shrieked Liz.
Meg quickly peaked her head inside too. ‘’How can we get it out?’’ she puzzled.

Liz shoved her arm inside the plastic base as far as she could reach, but her fingers wiggled hopelessly a few inches from the puppy. The puppy sniffed at Liz’s fingers, but it was just too far away for Liz to grab. The two girls sat down thinking of what to try next. The jungle gym was too heavy for them to lift, and the puppy just wouldn’t move close enough to the opening.

‘’He looks hungry,’’ said Meg. ‘’I have an idea!’’ Meg ran over to her backpack and pulled out a half eaten granola bar. ‘’Maybe we can lure him out with this!’’
‘’Sounds good to me’’ said Liz

Meg put the granola bar just inside the opening. The puppy didn’t budge. Meg moved the granola bar closer. The puppy inched toward it to smell the sweet treat. Quick as a flash, the puppy snagged the granola bar and scooted back to the corner. He devoured it as though it had been days since his last meal.

Now the girls knew they had to get the puppy out. Liz saw her brother, Jay, walking past with his best friend, Tom. They walked over to the girls and the jungle gym.

Well, you can probably guess what happened next. Jay and Tom helped lift the plastic cube just enough to let Liz squeeze in under it and scoop the puppy up into her arms.

That typical Wednesday in October was the day two girls saved a life, and found a new best friend.